What is a remeowster?
A bad pun.
Also the name I give to the end product of my restoration process.

Restoration? What do you mean?
A large proportion of available old recordings (e.g. 78rpm, cylinders, very early vinyls) have either never been transferred properly to newer formats (LPs, tapes, CD, etc.) or never been re-released at all.
I am one of a few enthusiasts who want to bring back that music to its full former glory. Each of us has their own process but basically it involves finding the best possible original, transferring it properly to another medium, usually digital, and then using specialised tools to remove noise, recreate the original EQ curve, restore any damaged part.
You can think of it like restoring a painting. Except you remove noise instead of old varnish, and work on frequencies and level instead of colours!

What are the benefits compared to other versions?
The results greatly depend on the original music but as a general rule what you get is
- more dynamics but no deafening peaks and no more clipping/harsh saturation
- far less noise,
- tighter bass, smoother highs and generally a more natural balance.

Especially nice for DJs, you get the additional benefits like :
- tracks all mastered to the same reference level so you don't have to fix/normalize them
- Accurate BPM
- Artists/Composers/Arrangers: all the info for declarations and more!

Can I commission a restoration?
Absolutely! You can use the "Support" form to contact me.

Why in the content of this site unavailable for certain countries?
Because copyright/intellectual property laws which differ from country to country.
Although all existing rights are systematically paid for, full clearance of rights cannot be guaranteed for certains countries/territories, making licensing impossible for residents of these countries at this point in time.

Can I preview the files?
Yes, and in full as well! Keep in mind however that the quality of previews is reduced.

What format are the music files? Is this mp3?
It is not mp3 : the default format is AAC set at highest quality with a dedicated mastering process
Simply put, it's like mp3 but better and almost as universal nowadays. Also, guaranteed good enough for any PA or HiFi system.

Can I have a different file format? Lossless?
Hosting different formats for each release is a bit of a problem for now. Solutions are being explored but in the meantime contact me : it can be arranged.
This being said, for playback purposes I am 99% sure you don't have what it takes to hear any difference with the AAC.